Mis-sing Reality-The Beast unleashed

It is a guerrilla performance disrupting the misleading narratives, popular voices and images of the Ghanaian democracy and justice system that censors the struggles of the queer community and other marginalised groups. Va-Bene would seize the closure of the International Federation of Theatre Research Conference (Accra, Ghana 2023) as an intervention to open new conversation on the "yet to be passed law" against LGBTQIA+ persons including the prosecution of artists, advocates, performers, journalists, theatre groups and organisations who may create any content in solidarity or empathise with the queer community. If we all remain silent we would be counted as the majority in favour of such an inhuman Bill.

We are speaking, we are crying, we are screaming, we are dying, yet no one hears us, only the spirits of our ancestors.


#LoveWins #killthebill #saynotomobjustice 

Watch the Video Below to hear the horrors we face

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