Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi also known as crazinisT artisT is a Ghanaian multidisciplinary artist living and working in Ghana. He was born in Ho, Volta Region of Ghana in September 1981.

crazinisT artisT got his Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts - BFA (Painting) in 2014 from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana where he is currently pursuing his MFA.

Since 2013, he began an endless journey of investigating and questioning social constructivism of human existence and its relationship with the "culturality" of gender stereotypes.


His belief in unconditional love for humanity, regardless of one’s sense of belonging or identity, pushes his works to investigate and question our quest for socio-cultural supremacy over marginalized people, political injustice, violence and objectification of humans.

However, he uses his body as a thought provoking tool and material that confront and exploit the stereotypical aesthetics of marginalized citizens within ‘so-called’ civilized societies.

In his engagement with the public, his performances explore the spontaneous reactions and indecisive involvement of the audience as his co-performers, breaking the boundaries between art, artist and audience within both public and traditional gallery spaces.


crazinisT has featured in many selected exhibitions including the KNUST End of Year Exhibition (2014), Silence between the Lines (2015), the Gown must go to Town (2015 GH), the Return of the Slaves (2015), Protest (2015), TERRITOIRE DE CRÉATION 5ieme édition, Chale Wote Art Festival(African Electronics, 2015), ‘if you love me ...’ exhibition, (x in REd, 2016, GH), ‘Cornfields in Accra’, (frozen, 2016 Museum of Science and Technology, Accra, Ghana by blaxTARLINES), Bone 19, (performance art Festival, Bern, Switzerland), Rituals of Becoming, (Solo show, Gallery 1957, Ghana), and had several solo performances in both Ghana and Togo. Recently he had his second and third collaborative performances with the Italian anthropologist, Natascia Silverio who is making a study on visual anthropology and art. Both of them put a performance together with Dean Hutton, a South African photojournalist who moves beyond the constraints of still imagery, and also practices as a visual artist in video, installation, intervention and performance art.