Broken Exile

"Broken Exile" was staged in Lome, Togo where the artist violently smeared mud all over his naked body and chained himself to the window for about two and half hours. The event took place after one month residency program with the Maison des Artiste - Cerecul, ('TERRITOIRE DE CRÉATION 5ieme édition').


crazinsT artisT's work comments and questions the political conditions of citizens of Togo, considering both resident and non-resident Togolese as refugees within and outside their own country under the 'royalty' of family governance and dictatorship over several decades. His performance also investigate the political threats of death and imprisonment of those opposition members on exile and the seemingly fear of those presently living in the country but have no voice to questions the administrative political powers.


 Lome, Togo

Broken Exile, 2015. Photo credit: Natascia Silverio