'Triptych' is a collaborative performance between Natascia Silverio (Italy), Dean Hutton (Golden Dean, South Africa) and crazinisT artisT (Va-Bene Fiatsi, Ghana) at the 5th annual Chale Wote Art Festival, 2015. The artists presented their bodies to interrogate the diverse provocations, taboos and politics that converge on body under the prejudices of colour, culture, religion, race, gender and sexuality.


Since 2011, the Chale Wote festival has gained both local and international recognition as a grand public art event in Ghana. It brings together all forms of arts from traditional to contemporary through a singular installation of musics, dance, poetry, paintings, photography, videos/films, performances, sculpture, etc as a street festival, inviting many participants from Ghana and abroad.


 Jamestown Accra, Ghana

Photo credit: Ekoue Kangni & Martin Toloku