In commemoration of all victims of lynch and mob Justice.

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We Africans may lynch ourselves to extinction by the year 2030 through witch hunting, anti-gay purge and mob Justice! You don't necessarily need to be a witch or thief or gay to die, it is just a matter of someone (an antagonist) naming you as one


You may be the next! Or Someone so dear to you. 


Ever since the proposal of the anti LGBTQIA+ bill (supported by the christian council), the violence against LGBTQIA+ persons in Ghana has increased drastically on a daily basis. Almost everyday there is an alleged gay, lesbian or trans persons attacked either by mobs on the street or by blackmailers who pose as LGBTQIA+ fellows and lure young people into isolated areas, abuse, rape and beat them.


On Easter Friday 2021, (Good Friday), as Ghanaian Christians mourn and celebrate the death of " a Lord" that was brought us by the "slave masters'', I reenacted a crucifixion in remembrance of those Ghanaians, blacks and queers who suffered similar violence and death. I wanted this performance to remind the christian community of their contribution and participation in the ongoing violence suffered by both LGBTQIA+ and non LGBTQIA+ persons in Ghana. It is a call for reflection, empathy, compassion and unconditional love. May the souls of all queers, alleged thieves, alleged witches and many others who were lynched, beaten and stoned to death rest in perfect peace.


Let's remember Captain Maxwell Mahama who was stoned and beaten to death in May 2017 at Denkyira-Obuasi mistaken for an armed robber. Our love goes to Constable Richard Owusu-Sekyere 'Kwaku Ninja' and Corporal Jerry Wornu 'Taller' who were lynched in November 1998 at Ablekuma, Accra. May the soul of the alleged witch, Madam Aku Denteh, a 90-year-old woman who was beaten to death at Kafaba in July 2020 rest in peace. 

Rest in love Yedboka Keena (stoned to death at Tindongo on the same day Captain Maxwell Mahama was murdered). May the ancestors find justice for Ama Hemmah, a 72-year-old woman burned to death in November 2010, by an Evangelical pastor among five people after accusing her of being a Witch in Tema.

May we never champion such injustice against humanity. May we live in true love,  freedom, peace and justice.

#SayNoToHomophobia #BornFreeAndEqual #goodfriday