Since 2020 there has been an emergency shift in the creative industries redefining the relationship between artists, audience and the public. This new urgency has reshaped artistic processes and mode of presentation of many contemporary artists whose practices depend on liveliness, real time encounters and public interactions. However, as curators and artists, our relationships continue to grow into collaborations that help to reimagine alternative possibilities in our time and beyond, to embrace those emergencies as an artistic process, interventions and confrontation.  I have since curated several projects both public spaces and private-communal spaces. The 3 most recent  projects I would like to share as a portfolio include X:7, Beyond The Graves and Witnessing Memory all of which were developed and presented in 2021 among others. Unfortunately the current proposed anti LGBTQIA bill in Ghana has been threatening our operations since it seeks to criminalize and prosecute LGBTQIA artists, activists, advocates and even to jail landlords who rent their properties or premises for any event or services that support LGBTQIA persons