2014   Gbossimé (Goat market), Lomé, Togo

Gbugbordzi is an appropriation of the birth of Jesus Christ to represent the rebirth of voiceless and marginalised societies where many citizens have lost their natural right of existence and socio- cultural benefits because of their individual identities.

The art questions the various form of human stereotype and the associate violence in many parts of the world especially Africa. In other words, this appropriation explores the re-enactment of the much violence against Christ that is now exhibited by his 'self-righteous' followers in forms of prejudice and socio-religious discriminations.

The performance also explores the inferiority complexities of the various forms of voiceless citizens, based on socio-cultural, religious and political discrimination in Togo and Africa as a whole. However, the artist becomes an object of sacrifice that exhibits his shameless pride of love for humanity, human co-existence and tolerance as far as religious, political, cultural and gender differences are concerned.

The performance, being made in Togo, becomes a voice for many Togolese who have being so much intimidated for several years and could still not make bold statement of human rights and liberation under a democratic government.