Oga LANDLORD... ""Our independence is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of Africa." Dr Kwame Nkrumah 6th March 1957


Oga LANDLORD permission to March for my country...Our journey to freedom!


6th of March 2020 (Ghana's Independence Day)

Baba Yara Sport Stadium 

Kumasi, Ghana


This is an intervention and a performance that questions the state of our independence,  freedom, justice and equal rights as citizens of Ghana, citizens of Africa and natives of the earth. It aims at evoking "the ordinary" citizens of this country to think beyond the mere excitement and pleasure of parading the streets and stadiums in celebration of the victory of our forefathers.  What are our current struggles, urgency and fight for freedom, liberation and justice for our generation and those yet to come? What efforts are we making and what responsibilities do we owe to maintain the victory of "the 1957 independence" that came from the blood of our ancestors. The invasive character, symbolism and spontaneity in this performance attempt to invite the audience to contemplate, express and translate the action into their own language of struggle to survive, to be protected, loved  and 'equalised' as citizens. The title "Oga LANDLORD...is a poetic collective voice as citizens asking to participate in the state's affairs, policies, decision making, and to be heard, and demand for their rights and freedom.