crazinisT artisT studiO Scholarship Award

What is TTO-Scholarship?

The crazinisT artisT studiO Award is a full or half scholarship awarded to less privileged or marginalised individuals who are needy but enthusiastic to advance their studies or to continue their education.

It also include mentorship programs and activities while the awardees continue their education in the university, or other tertiary institutions. The TTO also awards young people who need to under go specific skill, craft and trade course or apprenticeship programs


Awardee must be between the ages of 16 and 28 year old

Priority will be given to women, trans persons, and queer persons who do not have the necessary family support financially and emotionally or shelter to continue their education or learn a trade or any skill based apprenticeship.

Award duration: 6 months minimum and 4 years maximum unless otherwise related to a special program that might require more years

Terms and Conditions


Meet the official past and present awardees and mentees who doubled as volunteers at pIAR

Rita Jakibea

Jakibea Rita was one of the 2021-2023 TTO full scholarship awardee for Diploma in library and information science at Kumasi- Technical University. She has also served since 2021 as the pIAR librarian to enrich her practical in knowledge and experience in library management.

Rita is currently doing her 1 year internship at pIAR  at the same time a  National service person at KNUST School of veterinary medicine. 

Delali Ahialorxo

Ahialorxo wonder Delali is one of our current TTO mentee under a full scholarship to study fashion and textile at Kumasi technical university.


Precious Debra

Debrah Precious, was one of TTO mentees and awardees fully sponsored to train as seamstress/ fashion designer at Krisbec Fashion, Aprade for 18 months. She has also worked both as intern and studio assistant in the Nuerkien Fashart at the crazinisT artisT studio after her training.

Precious currently works at the Krisbec Fashion as a formal employee.

Perfect Fiatsi

Perfect Fiatsi is a Ghanaian young baker and a deco creative, living in Kumasi. She is also the current matron of Perfocraze International Artist Residency over seing the day to day activities of the pIAR kitchen. After her award and mentorship years she begun to run her micro business known as  perfect_cakes__and_more supported by (and in collaboration with) the crazinisT artisT studiO. 

Perfects ambition is to establish herself as a food artist and to open a studio that can help train other less privileged individuals

Adams Yakini

Adams Yakini is a filmmaker. He currently works at a media a station.

Adam was one of the first awardee of TTO and a mentees  from 2019 to 2022.

He also works as a commercial photographer and videographer for music videos and other commissioned events.

Kwame Boateng

Kwame Boateng is a poet/performer  and activist.

Kwame is currently an awardee sponsored by the crazinisT artisT studiO (TTO) to pursues his a Bachelor's degree. 

Priscilla Afi Fiatsi

Priscilla Afi Fiatsi is currently one of our awardees in Takoradi Technical University. She is pursuing a two year program in Art and Design.