pieta-afriCan resurrect

crazinisT artisT(Va-Bene E. k. Fiatsi) and Natascia Silverio put together a performance installation entitled ‘pieta-afriCan resurrect’ in front of the Bible House, opposite the James Fort Prison.


Their performance questions the disabled mind and the dependent throne of governance in many African nations. The human body is the most powerful natural technology powered by the brain. However, all its energy can only be a waste when this brain is deactivated. The performance appropriates the structural form of the Pieta from renaissance sculpture of Michelangelo to explore the death of African possibilities. Africa is never dead, it is only in a deactivated mode, full of inferiority complexities and disbelief of self­-empowerment.


However, as a broader discourse of the project, audio recordings were made through open and semi-structured interviews conducted by the 'intern', questioning audience about the theme of the performance, their experiences and reflections on it. The outcome was the production of a podcast disseminated in Fall/Winter 2015 by the Cologne University Radio.



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Photo credit: Ekoue Kangni and Martin Toloku