Passing Through—acts of radical empathy

Photo credit: Vab


For the 2018 show at Gallery 1957: Passing Through - Acts of Radical Empathy I engage in a series of visual and performative transitions that form a sequel to my 2017 presentation 'Rituals of Becoming'. These transitions offer a window into my durational performance for the past five years  for which I have been dressing and presenting as a woman on a daily basis.


The show also features a secretly filmed footage of my experience at European airport checkpoints from the 'invisibleBody series', the border itself becoming a metaphor for the transitional state in which I choose to exist. Other sections of the gallery reveal huge monumental pictures of previous rituals from my studio which have been built in brick wall (from the frozen series) and installations of female costumes and panties collected and worn since 2013.


As part of the show I have also collaborated with artist Fagot Koroviev (My Dear Fagot), to produce a body of large scale performative images, drawing on pre-20th century European paintings in which Enlightenment ideologies, in relation to race and gender, are called into question.


About My Dear Fagot 

Fagot Koroviev is an artist of European origin whose practice is exclusively collaborative. He is interested in the development of narratives by nicking stuff from a range of pan-historical, pre existing channels of communication. Recently My Dear Fagot has made beautiful love with Nástio Mosquito, Jan Fabre, Kelly Schacht, Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi, Elisabeth Efua Sutherland and Ugh&Bõögâr (two Icelandic trolls).