perfocraZe International Artist Residency

perfocraZe International Artist Residency- [pIAR] hosted by “crazinisT artisT studiO” is an interdisciplinary artists' program and a performance ‘hatchery’. It serves as an incubator, laboratory and an interactive platform for artists, activists, researchers, curators and thinkers to develop and engage with one another on a rich variety of artistic research projects. The studio is located in the hub of Kumasi, the second largest city of Ghana and the capital of Ashanti Kingdom.

Artists in Residency-2019

Exploring the performative energy of the body and the soul

pIAR has been designed as a site and point of contact for promoting cultural exchange between international and local performers, interactive artists and film/video/photography artists. Participants are encouraged to explore the contemporary spirit and rituals of performativity in multigenerational societies and cultures, as well as questions of race and politics, especially through performance art, installations, music, video, and film/moving images. The residency runs from January to end of August each year. We invite and accept proposals from international and local artists to stay and develop their projects over a period of  4 weeks. By focusing on processes and projects rather than products, we encourage collaborative relationship between local and international practitioners while sharing experiences through discussions, research, workshops, presentations, lectures and experimental performative/participatory works. Projects developed in the residency will be eligible for exhibition at Chale Wote Art Festival, Alliance Francaise, public spaces, schools and other alternative art spaces.


Our focus is on performativity while aiming to merge contemporary art, culture and the people through collaborative practices. The Ashanti Kingdom is full of performative expressions, rituals,  festivals and artistic cultures that we believe our artists in residence will gain from collaborating with and learning from.


"I believe performance is an embodiment of life, perhaps subtle but intensive and ephemeral, which could provide an intimate dialogue between the performer/s and the audience (co-performers). It is important using performance as a potent medium to re-examine our own colonial and post colonial history from dynamic experiences and views." crazinisT artisT


Due to logistical inability to fully fund our diverse and talented selection of participants, international artists are advised to seek for sponsorships or fundings from their home countries or alternative organisations for return flights and any high budget production cost. We will nevertheless provide free accommodation, free wifi, and cover limited materials cost.


Selected Participants are eligible to stay ONE MONTH FREE at pIAR  once in their lifetime (without paying any residency fee). However, artist who wish to be invited in future after exhausting their free one month will have to pay a residency fee ($150) per month at their next stay. All artist who also wish to extend their stay after the first free-one month during an ongoing residency, will have to pay a fee ($100) per month to continue for at most three months stay in total. 


Such Fees paid are towards the effective running of the space and covering costs of utilities (internet, wifi, water, electricity, gas etc). We are glad and honoured to accept any donation in kind or cash to help us run a smooth program.


NOTE: Conditions and Eligibility

  1. NO stipend! NO per diem!
  2. Artist must be able to STAY for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 1 month
  3. Artists working in performance, performative videos, performance photography, interactive/performative installations, interventions and music/dance
  4. Artist should at least be able communicate in English
  5. Artist must be able to COVER travel, visa, insurance and cost of living.



We are appealing to individuals, groups, organisations and institution for gap funding. With this gap funding, pIAR will be able to move forward and enhance Kumasi and surrounding regions with an influx of creative energies, projects, and dialogues from fellow artists working in the African continent and beyond. Without this support, the residency program will be heavily burdened on the organising and supporting institutions. We would be glad to accept any funding offer so that we might enable as many artist as possible to participate in this critical cultural project of artistic development and cultural exchange.


For enquiries, supports and donations or further information, please contact:

info@crazinistartist.comperfocraze@gmail.com for the best options available for making donations.

You can also send your donations via

  • Paypal
  • WorldRemit Money Transfer
  • Western Union
  • Bank Transfer


The participants will work under the curatorial collaboration with crazinisT artisT (Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi), a multidisciplinary international artist, who is also the director of crazinisT artisT studiO and performance curator. With the assistance of interns and guest curators, the participants could engaged in community based researches and projects highlighting their interest in cross-cultural experimental works, connections and networks with communities in Ghana and abroad. However, the residency is a self-directed and a non-instructional program to allow artists the freedom to expand boundaries and possibilities. Participants will work independently in our spaces but could also  engage with schools, institutions, the local artists, traditional and cultural groups and non artist to revive the artistic and performance vibes across the city of KUMASI and beyond. There will be an open day for studio visit once every two weeks for the artists in residence to discuss their projects, encounters, processes and ideas with the visitors and critics.