The specter[less] specters - find the X

Photos and Videos by Dorothea Seror and OPA Professional             @Haus Der Kunst, Munich, Germany

At the same time that I was in Germany as a black [transvestite], crossing some of the Europian borders with my conflicting and confrontational passports and physical identity while creating much more task for the immigration deliberately, marks the ruling of the country’s constitutional court on Wednesday 8 November. The ruling finds that binary gender designations violated the right to privacy which actually motivated   my continuous journey into a performance "The specter[less] specters - find the X"  in the Haus der Kunst  with my two different Passports

Germany Must Allow Third Gender Category, Court Rules



The specter[less] specters - find the X

Mathematically X has always been use to represent the unknown [value], that which must be searched, discovered or rediscovered and solved in an equation. Metaphorically the spiritual journey of discovering the Self and Otherness as human unknown values is an endless value of X in this “BIO-equation”. It was In similar Spirit Malcolm X used the “X” to represent the unknown name of his African ancestors and their culture that had been lost during slavery. What is the current state of X as a global contemplation of "neo-classification"; questions of gender and racial prejudice or neo-puritanist oppression? What is the bio-political revelations of X in contemporary human classification, categorization, reorganizations and social inclusions? what is the specter of “X” an even or odd? What about its placement in the politics of ART? What will be the status of X in the museum, galleries and art spaces? Would it the already known values? or the publicized? the famous? The economically powerful? or the intellectually defined? These and several other concerns I seek to interrogate in my performance which closed the opening section of the "Specters of Communism. A Festival on the Revolutionary Century" 16/11/2017


Haus Der Kunst, Munich, Germany


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