x in REd

'x in REd' was a performance installation at the 'if you love me...', an MFA Curating thesis show from the Department of Painting and Sculpture (blaxTARLINES, Project Space for Contemporary art, Kumasi) KNUST co-curated by Robin Riskin, Selom Kudjie, and Patrick Nii Okanta Ankrah


crazinisT artisT created a temporal colony within the locomotive shed where migrants from different towns, cities and countries inhabited,  His performance explored the political conditions of migrants, cultural displacement and the complexities  of inter-social relationship of people from divers cultural, religious and ethnic background converging as family. However, the artist appropriated the female residents' daily 'makeup rituals' to explore the public gaze and the voyeuristic characters of the space layered onto faded industrial activities of the railway system. His activities included making-up, dressing, and pinning his female panties, brassieres, underwear and dresses into the invasive plants which took over the abandoned machine cage. During his performance, he scanned through the archival documents of the railway stations from the 90s, copying the titles, subjects and dates into a Bible, and trying to reactivate the machines by re-dairying the growing life of the space.




Photo credit:  courtesy of the artist


Co-curated by Robin Riskin, Patrick Nii Okanta Ankrah, and Selom Kudjie powered by blaxTARLINES KUMASI, in partnership with the KNUST Department of Painting and Sculpture, Ghana Railway Company Ltd., and Ghana Railway Workers Union Kumasi Locomotive Shed


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