Literally meaning "war has caught up with us,'' ‘aʋa_Si_mi’ is an Ewe expression for agency and reinforcement. What have we not inherited? What have we not made our own? How do we address the cultural, economic and religious struggles that Africa faced following Western colonization? ‘Have we not thrown the chicken’s eggs at the hawk that snatched our chicken!’ 

The performance is a reexamination of call for action, emergency, reflection and an urgency to fight all forms of violence against marginalized people. As post colonial communities, several African nations and people have been trapped in policies that do not favour our identity, sense of belonging and queerness. We are continually dealing with the remains of colonial powers, via religious structures, laws, norms, doctrines and misrepresentation of blackness, Africaness, gender, sexuality and many more.

‘aʋa_Si_mi’ however seeks to exploit the consequence of colonial legacies, and how many citizens of the continent are navigating their own vulnerabilities while battling with several forms of oppressions and negotiating for spaces and policies that do not make provisions for their "being". It places live at the extreme edge of death and neglects as an attempt to reveal dynamic experiences and struggles of the marginalised. This performance mirrors the horrors and uprisings in homophobic violence, xenophobia attacks, neo-slavery and other forms of abuses that have currently enveloped the continent.


Ovideo University, Spain